Head stuck in the clouds? How to combat brain fog

Brain fog – the inability to have a sharp memory or to lack a sharp focus.

Basically, you have brain fog on those days where you never seem to be able to focus or are constantly forgetting things.

We all have those times when we feel sluggish or for some reason we just can’t quite remember something that we should. Worst of all is when these symptoms tend to appear: before a test, on a date, at an interview, or similar important moments.

So, what causes Brain Fog? Brain Fog can be a symptom of many things, including nutrient deficiencies, sleep disorders, bacterial overgrowth from sugar consumption, depression, and even some medical conditions. Three main causes are: (1) Impaired Sleep; (2) Poor Diet; and (3) Inactivity.

  1. Impaired Sleep: your Brain needs sleep to recover each day. If you have an inconsistent sleep schedule, interrupted sleep, or blue light exposure before bed or while in bed, these can cause “Impaired Sleep.” Impaired Sleep means that even if you sleep long enough, you are not feeling rested. Think about when you fall asleep watching TV. Sometime in the middle of the night you wake up to the television, even when the volume is muted. The blue light from the screen prevents you from getting deep, meaningful sleep. Therefore, this Impaired Sleep can lead to Brain Fog.
  2. Poor Diet: your Brain needs a balanced diet to function properly. Yes, that means you have to eat the occasional veggie. The true key here is to avoid excess sugar consumption. Sugar stimulates your brain similar to cocaine. You read that correctly — cocaine. If you don’t think that sugar is addictive, avoid it for 3 days and let’s revisit this topic in the comments below.
  3. Inactivity: your Brain needs to you to be in shape. Increased activity levels correlate with sharper mental activity, better memory, and improved mood. The science behind this shows that exercise releases cytokines as well as chemicals which cause feelings of elation, such as endorphins. Both of these chemicals are required to rejuvenate the brain. So stop reading and go for a walk… well, maybe finish the article first.

Now that we’ve gone over the causes of Brain Fog, how do you avoid it? Simple, establish a morning and evening routines, eat a carrot or something green occasionally, and get yo butt off the couch and go for a walk.

Brain Fog as well as other aspects of mental health have recently been studied more. So, if this is a concern of yours, seek help. If you don’t want to reach out to someone in person, there are numerous online groups seeking to combat unhealthy behaviors that contribute to Brain Fog. For example, the Mindfulness movement that focuses on maintaining quality mental health.

Remember, there is no one cure for Brain Fog. See what works for you and let us know in the comments below.

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