Investing 104 – Don’t worry, be happy: Investing with apps – Acorns

Acorns – Set it and forget about it! Grow your financial “Oak Tree” slow and steady over time.

Acorns follows the KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – method of investing. Where Robinhood (see previous post) gave flexibility, Acorns helps you determine a portfolio that is the right mix of risk and return for you and that’s it. Further, Ascorn is all about small recurring investments into a portfolio that grows over time. “Invest the Change

Acorns has several methods for individuals to invest in their account: (1) recurring monthly investment; (2) “RoundUps”; and (3) “Found Money.”

1) Recurring Investments

It is as simple as it sounds, you set a daily, weekly, or monthly deposit to go into your investment or retirement account portfolio. Set it and forget it!

2) “RoundUps”

RoundUps is a feature that requires you to link a credit or debit card to your Acorns account. After it is linked, you can round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invest the rounded amount once it hits a total of $5. Also, you can set the amount to be rounded, for example up to $0.75 rather than the nearest dollar.

3) “Found Money”

The final way to get money in your account is “Found Money” which is a reward from Acorns for making purchases with certain companies. By completing the offer through Acorn, you get a percentage or fixed amount invested in your portfolio.


Acorns costs $1 per month for the investment account option. If you choose their “Personal” plan for $3 per month, you get the investment account, retirement account, and a checking account that saves and invests for you.


Acorns is very simple to use and the cost is low. If you are not interested in being hands-on with your investments, this is a great way to set up your investment and just leave it be.

If you are interested, please sign up using my Referral Link to get a free $5 invested into your account!

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