Investing 105 – It’s automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic: Investing with apps – Stash

Stash – Budget, Invest, and Plan

Stash is a more user-friendly app and focuses on educating investors on how to best pick investments and balance a portfolio along with other financial advice. The app is not as straight forward as Robinhood where you click and buy; however, Stash offers DRIP and automated investing. The cost of Stash varies based on what you are using it for — $1 per month for investment; $3 per month if you add retirement accounts; $9 per month if you add custodial accounts and other services.

The benefits of Stash include investing, online banking, financial information, and learning tools. To help you set goals for your financial health, Stash offers milestone achievements. Those milestones include investment balance targets, learning about finance, and looking into your financial needs.

Stash also offers “Stock-Back” which grants shares of a company equal to a percentage of what you spend. You can select a default fund to add your Stock-Back rewards too. However, Stash also has “stock match” where merchants receive a percentage of the money you spend with a company returned to them in the form of that company’s stock. When there is no stock match available, you will receive the Stock-Back to your default fund.

Stash is good for investors who want to learn and build a solid financial foundation for their lives. You very much get what you pay for. This app has flexibility like Robinhood, but it also holds your hand by teaching you about finance and allowing you to automate your investing.

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