Who is the best-selling musician in American history?

The top spot wasn’t claimed by Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson.

Ranked two and three for solo artists in the United States, the King of Rock and the King of Pop have sold 146 million and 85 million albums respectively, but according to the Recording Industry Association of America (the RIAA), both were outpaced by country singer Garth Brooks, with 157 million sales.

But not even Garth Brooks could compete with the heights reached by the Beatles, the best-selling band of all time. By 2021 the Fab Four had sold 183 million recordings in the United States alone.

The RIAA’s top ten list also includes the Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel, Elton John, AC/DC, and Pink Floyd.

1The Beatles183 million units
2Garth Brooks157
3Elvis Presley146.5
4The Eagles120
5Led Zeppelin111.5
6Michael Jackson85
7Billy Joel84.5
8Elton John 79
10Pink Floyd75