That’s a Yotta scratchers: Instantly win up to $1,000 for joining in March

Yotta is a prized-linked savings account that offers “lottery tickets” each week for saving money with them. You can win up to $10 million dollars, a Tesla, or just a decent APY. Recently, Yotta has rolled out new features, including crypto buckets, which hold your money in stablecoin and pay you 4.5% APY plus extra lottery tickets for staking your crypto with them. Other new features are on the way, including a secured credit card, tax refund boost, and more!

Previously, if you signed up with Yotta with a referral link, you would get 100 bonus tickets before you ever deposited a single dollar. Now, Yotta has offered a bonus to their referral bonus! If you are referred to Yotta in March and make a deposit, you get the 100 bonus lottery tickets and a scratch off ticket. This scratch off ticket is worth at least $5 and $1,000 and pays instantly. Further, you get a scratch off ticket for anyone you refer in March on top of the usual referral bonuses.

You have from now until March 31 to take advantage of this offer! Sign up below:

Yotta: Earn 100 bonus tickets and up to $1,000 instantly – Use Code Julia118

Please comment your experiences with Yotta and all of its new features!

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